Reiki Healing Arts

The body itself is a screen to shield and partially reveal the light that’s blazing inside your presence


Hari Sant is a dedicated lightworker and is deeply connected to the healing arts of Reiki. She is a Reiki Master and has studied this healing modality along with Crystal Therapy internationally with the worldwide known Sat DevBir Singh as well as Maria Östman and Michelle Baker.

She is a highly sensitive person with strong intuition and her ability to tap into the frequency of energy and sound is letting the pure light energy channel through her.
She practices healing modalities such as pranic healing and breathwork, Reiki and Crystal healing. 
Her work with healing started with her father. He is master healer and witnessing his ability to heal people inspired Hari Sant to walk in his footsteps. Their healing modalities are very different but intertwined in so many levels. 
“Healing starts from within. Healing starts in the mindset of the human being. Believing in energy work, vibration and sound is essential for energy work to take effect.

Hari Sant is here to assist and guide you to find the purest light, love and wisdom within yourself -the true master and teacher is the body itself. 


Reiki is a Japanese alternative healing modality working with the universal energy: QI
Reiki can help release blockages, pain and reduce stress. Reiki is known to calm your nervous system and uplift your senses. You will leave a treatment feeling deeply relaxed calm, nourished and in tune with your energy body. 

Crystal Healing

The use of crystals in healing has shown amazing results in expansion of the aura, clearing blocks, achieving balance, deep relaxation, increase of personal vibration, and improved confidence. This healing method is used in combination with Reiki to maximize it’s effects. You will leave a treatment feeling balanced and aligned. The healing energy from Reiki and the intelligence of the crystals will guide your body towards deep healing where it’s most needed.

Reiki Diamond

(120 min)

1400 Kr

This treatment is a combination of deep reiki Healing Session and Crystal Healing to clear out any negativity resistance or blockages.

75 min Reiki
30 Crystal Healing 

Reiki Gold

(75 min)

950 Kr

A deep reiki Healing Session.

60 min Reiki 
15 min conversation/integration

Diamond Package – 3995 Kr
(6 month period)
– 3 (120 min) sessions with Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Conversation.
– Bonus Meditation Practice.

Golden Package – 2500 Kr
(6 month period)
– 3 (75 min) sessions with Reiki and Conversation.
– Bonus Meditation Practice.

The meditation practice is a way for you to integrate the healing process even deeper and to prolong the effects of the treatment. Hari Sant will provide you with a meditation to work with that suits your needs. 

The healing starts from within. We can jumpstart the healing process with Reiki and Crystal Therapy, but the true healing starts in the everyday lifestyle and in your daily practice.  Your own work and effort will keep the healing energy alive within you. 

You are your own medicine woman. It’s time to claim your right to be healthy and take responsibility for your own health.